Beautiful Project Management software for visual people

Visual Project Management

Creative people need to visualise tasks and projects in an easy, colourful way. 

So ditch your boring project management tools today and check out for one of the most intuitive and beautiful software solutions on the market. 

We love Mondays again because of this project management tool.

Collaborate Visually

Keep all of your conversations, files, checklists, and sheets in one place. Your team will enjoy updating projects with Monday.

  • Visual Status Updates
  • Notes, Checklists & Files
  • Tasks and Reminders
  • Progress Indicators

Be in the know

With colorful dashboards, you can see at a glance where all of your projects, clients, and work and what you should do next.

  • Templated Projects & Boards
  • Time Tracking
  • Project Timelines
  • Kanban View

Level Up

With the flexibility to grow as your team does, Monday is jam packed with templated field types, automations and reports.

  • Resource Allocation
  • Live Dashboard Reporting
  • Invite Clients to Collaborate
  • Integrate with other solutions

Flexible Pricing Plans

Starts from
$ 24
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