Cloud software is driving the next level of work-life balance.

Cloud software is now driving process-as-a-service so that businesses can automate processes that support working from home – leading to improved work life balance.


Twenty years ago, we never realised that we needed the ability to do our banking in real-time and from the comfort of our own kitchen table, office desk or even that last minute transfer while in the line at the supermarket.

Fast forward to today and you would be hard-pressed to find a working adult in Australia that doesn’t regularly use internet or mobile banking on a regular basis.

Without thinking about it, we as consumers have transitioned to using mobile and web applications to make our life simpler… and forgotten the inconvenience of going into a bank.

Banks however, who jumped at the chance to leverage internet adoption to allow customers to interact more easily, also saw that there was an opportunity to automate processes, speed up data collection and reporting and redistribute staff from repetitive client facing tasks to more value generating and cognitive processes.

With the evolution of ‘the cloud’, larger organisations spent vast amount of resources on moving existing systems and data to cloud hosted server technology so that they could centrally protect and process data in eye watering volumes, which allows employees to keep doing the same processes, but from anywhere there is an internet connection – a saving grace for Covid19.

Now that hardware, software and data are now hosted on server ‘infrastructure-as-a-service’, organisations (such as banks) are now looking at how to run their processes as a service – speeding up internal data collection and information distribution. Meaning that their highly paid workforces can move away from repetitive internal tasks and further towards intelligent, empathetic and customer relationship management.



Process as a service leverages cloud software specifically to run repetitive processes, and in the future will be supported with Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence to automate the collection of data or information and present smart, actionable tasks to employees.
An example of these types of processes could be as simple as contract management – something that is low down the priority chain of many businesses, but has considerable repercussions if ‘it hits the fan’.
Automating these processes with contract management technology that can read the content of contracts, remind the right people if something is up for renewal or alert managers if there is something that might be being missed – and all runs in the background with minimal human intervention will be expected in the near future.


Ravel Solutions

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