Why choosing Zoho over other CRM is an easy decision

Finding the right software for your business can be overwhelming, not to mention costly if you don’t get it right… here are some of the reasons why we find Zoho CRM to be the right solution for any business.

Finding the right CRM

If you are reading this blog post, then you have probably spent hours dredging the internet at one stage or another, trying to find information on the best CRM solutions on the market.

Let me guess, you have searched everything from ‘best CRM software’ through to ‘why is it so hard to find the right crm software for my industry in 2020’, typically ending up being bombarded with automated subscription emails every day… not to mention the 5 persistent salespeople calling trying to offer you a ‘once in a lifetime deal’.

To reduce the overwhelm, most businesses typically ignore the emails, block the salespeople and then ask some trusted friends what they use.

More often than not, businesses realise that all the time and money that they spent on getting their CRM setup, has resulted with minimal productivity improvements and no increase in sales.

Zoho CRM

Choosing the right CRM

Selecting the right software for your business can be hard. Some of the main questions we hear from our clients are:

Should I stick with an industry specific solution?
Industry specific solutions are a double edged sword unfortunately. Typically the software is ready to go with your industry jargon, your basic processes, however in a lot of cases, industry specific solutions:

  • Are widely used in your industry – how can you be different?
  • Aren’t well integrated with the other apps that you want to use
  • Don’t have the flexibility to do things differently
  • Have a smaller market, so are more expensive

Will it solve my problems?
If you ask yourself this question, firstly I need to ask… have you documented what your problems are?

We often see business owners with a mindset that a software solution will tell them what to do and solve all of their problems… without defining what the ‘real’ problems are.

CRM software won’t increase your sales automatically or reduce the number of deals you lose. If anything it might even increase it unless you:

  1. Identify (and document) the problems that you want to solve
  2. Map out your processes to find holes and efficiencies
  3. Can first run your processes manually without a system
If you think that a software solution will solve all of your problems without doing this first, then I recommend you speak to a good business coach rather than a software company.
Will it be easy to use?
There is a common misconception that the best software solution is the one that looks nice and simple to use then. Often this also means that it has limited functionality or relies on 3rd party apps (such as Zapier) to automate the things that you want to automate.

Even if you want to setup your new CRM yourself, I highly recommend that you create a list of features and requirements that you want, and tick off each solution based on:
  • Functional Requirements
  • Native functionality V 3rd party
  • Integration Options
  • Company values and feature improvements
This way, you can then cut through the noise and evaluate a solution on the practical benefits to your business… not what looks the easiest to use.


Why should I consider Zoho?

While I am absolutely biased towards Zoho, I do so because I am a hyper-practical business owner.

I regularly research a range of different software solutions on the market for a range of different business areas, including sales, marketing, project management and document management. 

For sales & marketing, Zoho One always comes out on top of all of the other solutions because of its:

  • Value for money
  • Ability to be customised for any industry
  • In-built workflow & automation
  • Scale’s with any business
  • Integrations options
  • Improvements that are continuously released

Don’t get me wrong, there are some apps and features that are far from desirable, but as a Zoho partner, I will tell you honestly if something isn’t going to work well for your business.

Zoho is the most practical option available on the market, which is why I use it in my business – and would even if I wasn’t a Zoho partner.

Ravel Solutions

Our team of ‘Ravellers’ can help you to setup your new CRM solution, train your teams and build custom integrations.

Contact us today for a free consultation to help you:

  • Choose the right cloud software for your business
  • Workshop your processes and areas for improvement
  • Setup your new software systems
  • Train your teams on best use
  • Provide continuous improvement support to evolve your systems