Zoho CRM for Essential Solutions Australia

The Problem

Essential Solutions Australia is a Business Process Outsourcing company in Melbourne, supplying outsourced scanning, marketing and managed print services. They have a team of 5 people who are directly involved in the sales process, including management, marketing, sales and telesales. They had no way of tracking communications between staff members – regularly going in to meetings unaware that someone else in the business had spoken to that customer.

“They recently changed company structure, and for 6 months had been waiting for a custom built CRM to be developed. After shelving this idea, they were almost going to sign with Salesforce but could only afford two (2) users due to the cost.”

They knew they would expand and need additional modules, and didn’t have in-house capability for Salesforce development & customisation. They were going to sign up, before they engaged Ravel Solutions.

The Solution

Zoho CRM was implemented for all five users and the first phase up and running within two weeks, including data importation, email templates and basic workflow. 

As all staff regularly communicate with customers, it is now an integral part of their business tom see emails, tasks, notes and calls that each person makers to customers – to ensure that nothing is missed and no miscommunication is given.

They love sending email templates rather than creating them from scratch every time, and their Office 365 integration means that they can access documents and emails from the customer records.

The Outcome

Since then, Essential Solutions in bi-monthly continuous improvement training sessions with Ravel Solutions to further develop internal skills for managing the solution and getting more out Zoho CRM.

What the client says

Krys Sutton from Ravel Solutions engaged me on a Friday afternoon that I was about to sign up for Salesforce. By the next morning, he presented Zoho CRM to me in a demonstration that was personalised to my business – something that the competitive salesperson couldn’t provide. I set a hard project timeline of two weeks for Krys to have my CRM live, and he had it up and running with time to spare. My team loves working with Krys on a fortnightly basis to keep improving our CRM & knowledge of Zoho.”